Children differ in their personalities and impression, and each child has his own style of expressing something, or in his reactions to a certain behavior, so parents must give the child enough attention to recognize their child's personality and deal with it in a way that suits his nature. Proper and correct parenting requires a great effort from the parents, as their wrong behavior, even if it is simple, can affect the psyche of the child, and it may lead to serious consequences that may worsen and accompany it for life. Today we will deal with the subject of dealing with a nervous and stubborn child, and we will answer all questions related to this topic which is about the importance of positive parenting.

BEST Methods of dealing with a nervous and stubborn child | Importance of positive+ parenting
BEST Methods of dealing with a nervous and stubborn child | Importance of positive+ parenting

The nervous and stubborn child, according to the experts' point of view & researches:

Stubbornness is not considered an acquired behavior in a child, but rather a stage that the child must go through, as modern methods of raising the stubborn child and the nervous child are available that explain how to deal with each of them.

First of all, parents must know that a stubborn and nervous child is often characterized by two positive characteristics, namely intelligence and activity, so the child's quarrelsome, as it is called by parents, is classified by experts as a positive activity and has a great role in developing the child's skills. Psychologists consider that stubbornness betrays the child's intelligence, and the stage of stubbornness begins in the child's second year, and this trait has many positive functions that will make parents comfortable with the personality of their child, as it indicates the independence of the child, and the first step to dependence on himself, and this appears in His insistence on doing things without the mother's interference.

The stubbornness of children can be considered a feature that does not cause serious concern, and it is in fact a stage that the child must go through and start from the age of two years, but the importance of correct dealing with a stubborn child cannot be dismissed so that this habit does not continue with him into adolescence, as it will be difficult Parents have to deal with their son then.

Dealing with a nervous child or a stubborn child:

As we mentioned earlier, stubbornness is not considered a child's behavior, rather it is a stage that begins at the age of two years and every child must go through it, as it first introduces them to the concept of "I", and the desire to act the way he desires without the interference of others and to reject commands that he does not like. This is what the parents consider stubbornness, here is the breaking point, either the parents deal with the child's stubbornness in a way that makes this trait a factor that supports the development of the child's strong and independent personality, or the parents deal in a way that destroys the child's personality and makes him the owner of a weak and shaky personality that prefers to follow orders, And he is unable to make decisions, i.e. a person who is led by events and does not make them, and he may even be prey to bullying among children.

Why continues stubbornness in children?

Here is a list of the reasons that may aggravate the problem of stubbornness in children:

Stubbornness interview

The main factor for the continued stubbornness of children is reciprocity, that is, meeting the stubbornness of the child with stubbornness from the parents, and the parents' unwillingness of the idea of ​​compromise and reaching the child's level in dialogue, or negotiating to reach a solution. Yes, the child needs all this attention, time, and effort to grow up in a correct way and to have a healthy personality free from psychological disorders.

Family problems

Family problems are the biggest factor that causes mental disorders in the child, and at the stage of stubbornness, these problems increase the child's desire to gain attention by refusing to obey what is being asked of him, or it may reach to give exaggerated reactions, such as screaming and crying.

Cuddle overload

Excessive pampering spoils the child's behaviors, and has a great role in the child's stubbornness, as he is aware that in the end, he will get what he wants.

Comparing the child to others

Parents must realize the extent of the psychological disorders that afflict the child when compared to others, as this behavior does not in any way stimulate him, but rather always destroys his self-confidence. As for when it comes to stubbornness and nervousness, once you compare him with one of his brothers or friends, the child will only give counter-reactions, such as stubbornness and embarking on the opposite of what is asked of him, or showing nervous and hostile behaviors.

Focus on the child's stubbornness

Parents' focus on the issue of the child's stubbornness and raising it in the councils in front of parents and relatives in the presence of the child and its frequent repetition will make the idea firm in the child's mind, and will even accompany him until an older age.

Contrasted breeding

The stubborn and nervous child is characterized by intelligence, so if the parents do not agree on a specific method of raising or the authority to make decisions, the child will take advantage of this with his intelligence. For example, when a child asks his parents about the possibility of obtaining something, and each parent places the responsibility for decision-making on the other, the child will take advantage of this matter and remain insistent on his request until he gets it.

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Importance of positive+ parenting

How to deal with a nervous and stubborn child

So what is the way to deal with a nervous and stubborn child? How do I deal with my stubborn son? And what is the treatment for a stubborn child?

The secret to raising a stubborn and nervous child is to follow smart methods when dealing with him, and the most important thing is to allow him to make decisions, or at least participate in making them. The basis for the success of this method is to go down to the child's mental level, not to argue over him when talking to him, and to take into account that the tone of voice is calm, in addition to using vocabulary that is likable to him.

We gathered for you different methods to overcome the stage of stubbornness in children that can modify the behavior of the stubborn child:

Speech or request style

Parents must impose orders on the child in an intelligent and wrapped manner, and choose between two matters to force him to choose one of them so that the child appears to be in control of making the decision, which is what he always seeks For example, when a child watches TV, do not tell him to turn off the television and go to his lessons. Rather, say to him: "Are you going to turn off the television now to study, or will you wait for 5 minutes?" As this method will train your child to obey your commands voluntarily, it also prepares the child to become a person capable of making and making decisions.

Turn orders into fun challenges

Let's take the arrangement of the room as an example, instead of ordering the child to arrange the room and threatening him with punishment, this assignment can be transformed into a fun activity by challenging the child to do the arrangement within 5 minutes, and the secret to encouraging the child every time to repeat this activity is the parent's reaction upon completion, as The child must be notified of the importance of what he or she has done.


This feature has a great impact on the child's psyche, and it has positive consequences on strengthening his personality and self-confidence, so instead of following the command method to help, an easier and more successful way can be used to make him come to help immediately, for example, if you want him to arrange the living room, direct him to speak in the following manner: “No Someone who is good at arranging the place like you ”or“ You're good at this for something ”or“ You do this job better than me, teach me that ”.

Refrain from defamation and threats

Beware and follow the threatening method with children, and do not resort to punishment immediately, as all studies prove the effectiveness of modern education in evaluating the child's behavior, which is free from punishment and threat, but rather encourages dialogue with the child and his approval.

Slamming the child in front of his friends or relatives is one of the most effective methods that destroy the child's psyche, and it will cause backlashes, the first of which is stubbornness. It is also preferable not to reject the child's requests in front of others, but rather to take the child out of sight and talk to him calmly.

Thus, we have talked about one of the difficulties that parents may face in raising a child, which is stubbornness, and we have presented to you how to deal with a nervous and stubborn child and the methods that help you in raising him, and you can also see the causes of shyness in children and methods of treatment.

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