Every searching for love girl asks who to ask for relationship advice and aspires to find a life partner who has all the specifications she desires so that she can enjoy days full of love, harmony, harmony, and joy for the rest of her life, and because the sky will not suddenly rain your partner, and because the inherited idea of "division and share" is a negative idea, confirms the science of development The current humanity, as well as the energy sciences, affirm that the process of attracting a partner in life is your responsibility, and you must know that spirits are recruited, and that man attracts those who are similar to him in awareness and energy, and any partner is only a reflection of you.

How to choose the right life partner and know that he is right for me
How to choose the right life partner and know that he is right for you

We will take you on short relationship advice to find out the right ways to attract the right partner using human psychology love attraction and solve relationship problems IN THREE STEPS:

Step number one: How to find him?

-Inner completeness:

The idea of ​​attraction is based mainly on our attempt to find a life partner that contains certain qualities and is free from certain defects, and it is an attempt by us to complete our inner deficiency, the characteristics that we want to have in this partner are in fact we want them more, and the characteristics that we want this partner to be free These are qualities that exist in us that we want to get rid of.

We are attracted to people with whom we find the characteristics that we love in ourselves and want more of them, and we hate people who have the qualities that we hate in ourselves and want to get rid of them, and this is also what we find in our life, so we attract people who have our bad and good qualities that exist in us, and therefore what we have is To increase the good qualities, and to get rid of the qualities that we hate inside us instead of getting rid of them outside, and this matter may be achieved through the following simple exercise:

  1. Choose five people whom you think have many beautiful characteristics, and write down all the good characteristics that they have.
  2. Choose five people whom you think have many bad characteristics, and write down all the bad characteristics that they describe.
  3. Notice the beautiful traits and develop them with you, as well as put a solid plan to get rid of the bad qualities, and ask for help if you need it.

And through the internal completeness achieved from the first step, we will automatically attract this partner, meaning that attracting this partner will be a result of our internal completeness and our development of the traits that we want to exist in us, and we get rid of the traits that we do not like; Because our bodies oscillate and send vibrations that bring people in proportion to what you have on the inside.

-Where can I find him?

Ask yourself a question: Where can I find people with these characteristics? For example, a girl who wants to be associated with a fun personality can find her in the associations for recreational activities. These associations are places for gathering the appropriate type, and you can find wide options with them.

Strive by expanding your relationships:

After you are in places where you are the type of people that loves you, and you have wide options for choosing the right life partner, the third step is to expand your relationships.

My dear, you should know that the chances of a girl have wide relationships and acquaintances more than an introverted girl, so you should expand your relationships to the largest possible degree with people who have the good characteristics that you want in your partner.

-Learn the art of interacting with others:

Try to learn to be loved wherever you travel by acquiring the social characteristics that people love.

Step number two: How to know that you found him?

-Physical love

How does your body tell you that you are in love?

There are signs that your body tells you that you are in love, you just have to pay attention to these signs to know that you love this person specifically:

Feel less emotional and physical pain: Researchers from Stanford University have discovered how love can be like a medicine, a pain reliever that leaves the human brain in a state during which it is unable to record pain at levels that were before love... According to the research on the participants, looking at Photo of a loved one reduced moderate pain by approximately 40%, and severe pain by about 10-15%; Compared to watching an acquaintance or friend ... although it is not possible to speculate about whether the love will end in pain with separation or divorce if the marriage takes place; The beginning of love is not painful, at least physically.

  1. You feel a kind of euphoria: thanks to hormones, love calms you down when you are in love; You may feel relaxed (somewhat underrated) and unafraid, as well as be more reactive to the hormone oxytocin .. (which is a hormone produced by the pituitary and gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort), and from the effects of oxytocin; You acted by this hormone in a slightly different way than you did before falling in love, especially when you are near your beloved. If you are serious, you usually become more fun.
  2. Unable to express in words: There is a scientific reason for your inability to express in words your love for your partner; It is adrenaline (Epinephrine) although this hormone is still under study, it is a powerful hormone that increases the heart rate, which makes you feel excited and upset when you are near your beloved... So you sometimes suffer in the ability to express your love in words; As if a cat ate your tongue.
  3. You sweat a little: This cannot be compared to any situations you usually go through, as the chemicals that are secreted by the brain, which are sent to different parts of the body, affect you, and you are excited to live in a state of love and your body is ready when it produces various hormones .. and you may feel that it is not fair or Ideal because it ends in sweating and redness of the face, and it may seem like a bump in your fist, for example, when you shake hands with a lover who will suffer like you if he really loves you, and this is physical evidence of love as well.
  4. I am not sure whether you will stay or escape the moment of seeing the beloved: It is not just a state of insecurity, it is also an innate instinct of the body, where love activates the body's natural state of alert or response to flight, but you have to struggle for what you want sometimes, The state of attraction between your desire to stay or escape is evidence of your meeting with the right person for you as a partner in your life.
  5. Do not feel hungry: There is something inside you that does not allow you to feel hungry, and according to studies, one of the primary symptoms of the beginning stage of falling in love is a loss of appetite, thus this can lead to weight loss associated with lack of productivity at work and increased sexual desire as well.
  6. You look radiant and sweet: here's a big plus that goes with falling in love; You look younger, more refreshed, and full of life, so what you lack due to loss of appetite, or the inability to express with words, you make up for it with this glow, because your feeling that you are loved and desired .. increases blood flow around the body, so true love does a hidden work Imperfections (You may have to add lasting love to your skincare routine).

-Body chemistry

How does your body know your partner?

So there are many hints and signs that your body is massaging with a lifetime partner, and this includes both biological reactions inside your body, as well as changes in the way you think, if you are talking with anyone you are currently interested in, you are facing one of the following signs, which may be Proof that you are standing at the threshold of a major change in your life:

  • You need him: You not only need to spend time with him, but you need him to be by your side, in your life and around you permanently, and when he is not with you .. you feel excited to meet him, as there is an inexplicable need for your need for his closeness. Also, this goes beyond your thinking and your heart .. it is a physical feeling and you know it as body chemistry.
  • Your choices are healthier: It is certain that the person you deal with will have an impact on the choices you make in your life, especially if you are with someone who cares about you, your satisfaction, and your happiness, and it is the way in which the partner should influence you through positive choices and decisions. This means that you make choices such as: being more physically active, eating healthier food, or adopting a better self-care regime, as well as doing exercises to lose weight, for example.
  • Motivation: When you are with your beloved, does this make you feel optimistic, motivated, and appealing to live, or does it leave you feeling depleted and lacking self-esteem? If his presence is a catalyst; This person will contribute to the growth of your personality and your self-development, and will encourage you and push you towards your dreams and aspirations.
  • Your face glows and energy and vitality flow through your body movements: If you are excited to see him, and are impatient to meet him, you may actually experience some signs that are often associated with anxiety; We talked about it above; Like glow, radiance, and light sweating.
  • Intuition and intuition: There is something related to gut feeling, which tells you whether you are in a positive relationship with the possibility of planning the future in front of you, or whether you are wasting your time, so if you have a feeling that is not comfortable and that something... it's not right .. then no Ignore this feeling and intuition; Watch out!
  • Warmth: If you are open, comfortable, and confident when you are with your beloved, this indicates that you feel safe, on the other hand, if you find yourself increasingly closed and distant from him while you are with him, this is an important sign that your body tells you .. do not ignore it.
  • Your eyes speak: meeting your beloved and seeing him coming from afar; It stirs you up with physical and nervous stimuli from the brain, associated with the secretion of hormones that stimulate your eyes and expand their pupils ... to replace your tongue in expressing your love.
  • Empathy is real: if you are in a relationship and you overtake your physical connection to marriage; You both communicate strongly on an emotional level, feel each other's pain and strive hard to achieve each other's happiness. This level of sympathy in your relationship is a clear sign that you are with your partner until the end of life.
  • Being honest with yourself: if you are with the person who will definitely continue to support and love you; Whatever the circumstances and difficulties of life, then you will be able to be your true self, you will not seek to make or fake your character and personality and you should not wear a mask, or pretend what you do not mean or reduce your self-worth, instead it will make you feel that you are distinguished and valued for what you are Oh really.
  • Sexually attracted: Sexual attraction is a very important part of any lasting relationship, and if you find that you are overwhelmed and excited when you are with your lover, your body tells you that it is the "only person" suitable for you, so all you want is to find a life partner, who will be with you for years and years to come.
  • Optimistic: If you have found your "life partner", you should look to the future, and enthusiastically plan for the next life that you know awaits you, as you believe that you will be happy for years to come, and this creates a feeling of happiness and optimism.
  • You cannot sleep easily: When you go through the euphoria associated with the search for love, this causes turmoil throughout your body, but you do not get rid of this energy after having sex, as your desire to stay next to your partner continues, which may cause you trouble with sleep.
  • Calm and relaxation: Your relationship will not be much different from other couples' relationships, but a "true life partner" will be someone who makes you feel calm, relaxed, and reassured most of the time, as he always has .. a way to help you focus your thoughts.
  • The smell attracts you: I mean the smell of the partner's body, when you are in real love, then there is an element of the scent in question; The reason you will be attracted to your partner is not just their looks and the soft words they say, this is the biological reaction that goes back to your desire to find a life mate.

Step number three: Signs that you have found the right partner:

  1. It does not hinder your success: The person who is passionate about your success and your goals in life is the person who will not hinder you, and he is the person with whom you have to continue your life, but if your relationship with him is unhealthy, you will find him seeking to sabotage your life.
  2. He does not want to change you: Listen to your heart and you will feel if your partner is the right person for you, and you should look at whether this person wants to change you in any way, and does not accept you as you are, and if you find him like this, know that you are with someone who will not treat you properly.
  3. Passing the test: If you are with your partner in a restaurant or public place, for example, do you look around to see people who might see you together? Or do you want everyone to see you with him? If your answer is the last, then it means that you passed the test, but if your answer is the first choice So now is the time to decide whether staying with this person is the best option.
  4. It is suitable for your life: You have to ask yourself whether there are mutual interests between you and your partner, whether you are willing to live with him side by side, and have relationships with his friends and family, and if your answer is yes then you are on the right path with him.
  5. He listens to you: Among the signs that confirm that you are on the right path while you are with the right partner for you, is that he shows a real interest in you and listens to you when you talk, as he remembers the things that you previously told him about yourself. But if your partner monopolizes the conversation to himself and does not ask you about yourself and about your day, this is a clear indication that you are not important in his life, and this is at the beginning of the relationship, then he is likely to be less interested in later.
  6. He is happy when you are happy: The relationship of spouses who work for each other's happiness is happier than the relationship of people who pursue their personal interests.
  7. It is comfortable for you when you are sad: Among the main signs that tell you that you are on the right path with your partner is how he treats you when you are sad, and when you have a bad day, does he pay attention to you? Does he give you his attention? And does he know when you only need a hug, it may be Simple but very important?

In the end, you can take this as relationship advice for new couples .. you often hear advice to trust yourself when you choose your life partner, as you hear stories about those who find "true love", they share in knowing the person who will be the life partner when they met this person, and many talks about having discovered a life partner. From the first meeting with him, they were destined to live together for life, tell us about your experience in meeting your partner, what are the signs that we talked about above Was one of the clues that you fell in love? Have you decided that it is this very person; Who will you choose to marry? Share your opinion with us through the comments.

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