The history of anime can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth century specifically in 1917 with a short work under the name Namakura Gatana, and in the same year on the other side of the world was the Italian-Argentine cartoonist Quirino Christiani was working on the first cartoon under the name El ApĆ³stol, but unfortunately for him, a fire broke out that destroyed the producer studio Federico Valli and the only copy of the Quirino movie, and it is considered until now one of the lost films, twenty years later, specifically in 1937, the Disney company in the United States of America presented its first film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," while the first actual anime movie was "Divine Sea Warriors" by a painter called Momotaro in Japan in 1945.

Know what is the difference between anime and cartoon | WIKI
Know what is the difference between anime and cartoon | WIKI


While the word "anime" in Japan refers to all animation, English dictionaries define the word as a Japanese style of animation. The word "anime" is said to be a derivative of the French term for animation, while others claim that it was used as an abbreviation for Japanimation, which was used in the late 1970s, and was referring to "animation" produced in Japan. On the other hand, the word "cardboard" was used in the sense of paperboard or heavy in ancient times by great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, and over the centuries the term moved away from its original meaning to reach its current use in the sense of animated films.


Anime topics focus mostly on important life issues, which is an artistic style that closely approximates human feelings and has more violent aspects and uses of sexual suggestion. The cartoon, on the other hand, has a good sense of humor and there are some educational cartoon works that target young children. As for anime, it does not follow a specific method, topic, or stories, so we find it discusses more and wider topics than cartoons, which depends most of the time on a specific idea and plot that remains throughout the series.

How to draw characters

Anime drawings are famous for exaggerating the physical characteristics and in the features of the face usually, anyone can notice the differences between anime and cartoon by following the nature of the characters' drawings, for example, we find the eyes of anime characters are large than their counterparts in cartoon works that are closer to reality and this applies to many other specifications In which you will find great exaggeration in anime and more realistic in cartoon.

Animation techniques

Both anime and cartoons use traditional methods of animation production, starting with Storyboard to voice acting and character design. Anime is often viewed as a form of limited animation, meaning that the common parts between backgrounds are reused instead of drawing each background separately. This tricks the eye into noticing more movement than the truth and reduces production costs because it reduces the need to paint a number of backgrounds. Anime scenes focus on realizing 3D perspectives.

Facial expressions

Anime characters' facial expressions are often different from their Western anime counterparts. For example, embarrassed or stressed characters sweat like crazy, as well as when crying - which has become one of the forms for traditional anime characters - characters that appear angry, swelling veins in their faces, sometimes appearing as a huge hammer in the hands of angry women and hitting another character.

More detailed information

Know what is the difference between anime and cartoon | WIKI
Know what is the difference between anime and cartoon | WIKI

What is anime? Is there a difference between anime and cartoon? What is manga? Is there a difference between it and anime as well ?? What are these strange vocabulary that we hear about ?? and other than that... We will answer these questions together ...

First: Anime

A term is taken from the word animation that applies to Japanese animation only! There is also another name for anime, which is Japanimation, but most people do not pay attention to this vocabulary of them. Most of the anime is originally manga and then it is transformed into anime, and one of the reasons for the appearance of the anime is the challenge between Japan and America to try to appear better on it, but at the beginning, there was little From companies and a few good series, and the company was the best Disney, but it was almost for children, unlike the anime, which has specific ages, and there are many strong and famous anime from Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Death Note and many, many more.

It is a very old art, and this wonderful art began in the early 1950s and it grew rapidly and evolved. It is pioneers

This art, which is considered the godfather of the anime, the well-known author and director, Osamu Yitzuka, who died a year ago

1998 AD and he is the father and leader of many filmmakers. Among his famous works is the series known in the homeland

Al-Laith Al-Abyad Al-Arabi and the art of anime, its work, and its direction differs somewhat from the rest of the works and books

The other ... the art of anime depends on its narration on images, and thus the idea and meaning are conveyed through

Image and story, as most novels and other arts such as TV series and movies spread at the beginning

In the form of books and novels without the presence of the video

Anime industry ....?

Now, after the previous steps that we have mentioned, he is an author with an excellent ability to formulate the story and draw, and it only remains for him to transfer his work to one of the companies that adopt anime work, such as Pioneer and Tokyo TV.

And then these companies producing the work entrust it to one of the studios specialized in the field of production so that the studio then brings famous artists in the specialties of the subject matter if the work is somewhat complicated and robots such as Evangelion, Asaflone ​​, and Macros Plus come to him - people called the Mykadziner ...?


They are people with high experience and skill in the field of designing mechanisms, for example, works like Macros Plus and The Vision of Escaflone ​​brought to them by a highly experienced mechanical designer such as the brilliant designer Shoji Kawamori who produced the two previous series.

How to pronounce the anime .......?

Ah-nee-meh refers to Japanese animation .. Anime >> ah-nee-meh... The actual word is taken from the French term for animation .. and Japanese anime is totally different from American or foreign anime...It is only relevant for children .. as Japanese anime Characterized by a lot of things, which we will mention later in this topic ^^ ... And since the Japanese animation censorship law is open, animated films vary in form and vary in their output for different ages... The anime may be inspired by or closer to the manga that pronounced (mah-) N-Jah) .. manga >> mah-n-gah .. which are cartoon stories in magazines and were discovered by Hokusai he ** meaning in 1815 AD...

Anime is not only for children

Many people and many young people believe that anime and animation are intended for children .. especially in the Arab world .. which may create this idea in all young minds .. but Japanese anime or animation films are completely different from the outlook of young people or the outlook of many .. where Anime is not recommended only for those under the age of 13 ... Rather, there are anime films and series that are not suitable for those under the age of 18 !! ..

There are those who make fun of the anime and he has not watched it yet !! And there are those who object to the anime for the ideas that he took from them? How many people and how many young men have not watched, but stand in the face of the anime, and when he watches an episode of one of the series, he begins to follow it... On the other hand .. there are children who do not understand several series... And there are violent and bloody scenes that are not suitable for children !! Therefore, anime is considered for all ages, regardless of the type of anime.

Anime formats

It has three formulas, namely





TV series, which usually consist of 26 episodes or more, depending on the content of the story. And be

Usually, the duration of one episode ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, the level of fees is good and the story is clear

And focus a lot, especially on the characters of the series. For series in Japan, it is shown first on

The stations participating in the work themselves are then transferred to home video.


Home watch serials usually consist of 14 episodes or less, and the duration of the episode varies

One is between 25 to 60 minutes, and sometimes more. The level of graphics here is excellent and the story is clear unless it is explained

In the series or to show a new model of series, a new series and this kind of

The series is produced exclusively for home video and is not shown on TV.


Films are shown in the cinema first and then presented on video. Here it's completely different from

The above If you want to talk about the level of fees, you will find it at its highest level and the story deals with the event

Directly without focusing on the characters such as the series, and the duration of one film ranges between half an hour

And two hours.

The film may carry a sub-story that is related to her with the intruder, as it was found in one of the hunterXhunter films.

The difference between anime and cartoon

The difference is very simple, which is that the cartoon series is produced by America, the photography and the characters are not clear and drawn with high accuracy. As for the anime, it is a series produced by Japan with strong images, high clarity, fictional and strong graphics, and every anime must pass on the Tokyo Channel before showing it in any other channel.

Stages of making anime

1 / The author presents his idea to the producing company and the companies differ, as they are very many recently. Also, the author must be strong-minded and highly skilled in graphics and related arts.

2 / Study of thought, so the author must be studying this great science and great art.

3 / Study the idea and the extent of its success, and it is a must before proposing anything. The extent of its success must be studied.

4 / Making work scripts and drawing characters, and this is the main focus of anime, as they are drawings. If there are no drawings, then there will be no anime.

5 / Writing text and dialogue. This is a task that is not easy, and the author must be strong in this point and not like the previous one, so others may be able to draw. As for writing the text, it is on the author as is known.

6 / Image simulation and coloring, which is to make images in the form of videos and episodes.

7 / Recording sounds and montage is very important and differs from one series to another, and it is also difficult and needs to be mastered.

Anime types

There are many types of anime, as in the real series, there is action, including what is for children, there are sports, comedies, adventures, mystery, horror, and other well-known genres

Why are anime works dubbed ...?

Because the majority of the world’s people do not speak Japanese, so the work must be dubbed into other languages ​​such as English - Italian - French - German, and many others, but there are some conditions that must be fulfilled first in order for this work to be legitimate in countries other than Japan, including:


Buying labor rights from Japan is what is important in the whole issue.


After purchasing the rights from Japan for the benefit of major companies in this field, such as the American Manga Company, IDE Film Company, the American Pioneer American Company, the British Omanga, etc. ..... it does dubbing in one of the well-known and famous studios in this field, such as the studios that dubbed Ranma and Chen Mio in it, and after that, it is exposed or sold In the stores belonging to the companies that own the rights ..... and these are almost the most important steps that the process of building anime has taken since its inception first manga, then anime .....

anime = short for animation, and he calls reality-neutral animation, the example of Conan, with his characters

What happens to her is what happens to humans, and if a fire, explosion, or fighting occurs, damage occurs like real concern, for example in the ring in which Togo Mori slid from the stairs and entered the hospital, and in the ring in which the bus exploded, the children were taken to the hospital for treatment, and this is how it happens to them what happens to humans if humans are in their position.

As for the cartoon, it is completely different, for example, let's take Tom and Jerry, we find that if a bomb exploded, we see that he comes out laughing, and there is nothing in it like an effect on the explosion except for it to blacken after a few seconds it will disappear and that the principle from the beginning is different that animals talk to people, for example, or find strange shapes of people different from reality.

But it is worth noting that the Americans also produce anime, including Sandla, Sunwaite, Tarzan, and others, but the majority have cartoons, and the majority of the Japanese are anime because Americans think that the cartoons are for entertainment, so they only put them on top of cartoon films and funny scenes. They were able to produce animated films and drawings because their cost is low compared to series and movies, and they loved it and its popularity spread in Japan, especially as it simulates reality series and films.

In other words, anime are series and movies, but with cartoon graphics, and they are called anime cartoons, i.e. simulating reality cartoons.

Anime for different ages, so there is anime for those over 18

For several reasons

As for scenes of horror, violence ...

Or it would be the type that did not need (the wrong type)

Second: the manga

Manga is generally comic books ... they are in short or as close as possible to Japanese cartoon magazines! .. Most of the anime is from a manga that the animators draw until it becomes an anime .. manga differs from anime, as manga are static graphics, while anime is an animation with sounds and others using modern technology! .. Manga branches into several types, just like anime, there is "action, there is the comedian, there is the athlete," and others, and it is also for specific ages .. Manga began before the anime and formed a great revolution, and it was one of the most important Japanese arts that it is famous for to this day.

Written by the manga ....?

Mango is the difficult part to find anime as required. As the author must have a fine sense in drafting manga first, then finding an anime as required - and some have a wrong concept of manga, in their belief that anime is manga, not the case, but that anime is the basis of manga, and manga is what is known as comics, meaning comics, and not as some think they are movies and series. There are some important points towards the success of the manga so that it can then be transformed into anime cartoon characters, which are the audience's satisfaction with the work and the extent of making profits from the comics, and then it is transformed directly into a cartoon anime

Third: cartoons? The cartoon is a word used in the West, as America, to describe animation .. which also became popular in the past, and among the most famous and oldest .. the mouse Mickey from the Walt Disney Company, Tom and Jerry, and the bunny from the brown bugs, and others... For example, let's take Tom and Jerry, we find that if There has been a bomb explosion that we see coming out laughing, and there is nothing in it that affects the explosion except a black color after a few seconds, and that the principal from the beginning is different, that animals talk to people, for example, or find people’s shapes strange, different from reality. Note: - But it is worth noting that Americans also produce anime and them Sandela, Sunawite, Tarzan, and others, but the majority have cartoons, and the majority of the Japanese are anime because Americans believe that the cartoons are for entertainment, so they only put them in the form of cartoons and funny scenes. As for the Japanese they like animation because, a period of time came to them that they could not produce series and other But they were able to produce movies and animation because their cost is low compared to series and movies, and they loved it and its popularity spread in Japan, especially as it simulates realistic series and films, in other words, anime are series and movies, but with cartoon graphics, The intention is called anime cartoon, meaning cartoon movies that simulate reality, while the cartoon is a cartoon ... Fourth: Comic. As for the comics, it is American comics such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and other superheroes ... and it is called (superhero)

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